How to play?

It’s easy to grab footys and win prizes instantly.

Just find The Great Melbourne Footy Grab QR codes located around the city. Scan the QR code and you could win instantly, or unlock prizes from Coca-Cola, Zoos Victoria, Sherrin, Toyota plus more. If you can collect and scan all 50 codes you will go into the draw to win a Toyota Ascent Sport Corolla.

3 Steps to Winning

1. Create an Account.

Signing up to create an account will help you keep track of the footys you collect. You will also need to have an account to redeem the prizes you win.

2. Find and Scan footy codes.

There are 50 Great Melbourne Footy Grab codes to be found in the city. Look out for these decals. Each one will have a unique number and QR code. Also keep your eye out for a few special locations, not all of them are decals!
To scan the code use your smartphone as you would with any other QR code.
Successfully scanning the code will take you to our competition website. The more footys you collect, the more chances you will have to win prizes.

3. Redeem prizes.

There are 3 categories of prizes to be won; Instant Wins, Prizes, Major Prize and Grand Prize Draw.

Instant Wins:

These are randomised opportunities to win smaller prizes. Upon registering, you’ll receive an instant win chance. The more you scan, the more instant win chances are unlocked.

Instant Wins will be found at the top of your Prize Table.

(See example)


These prizes sit below your Instant Wins.

Once you reach the nominated amount of footy codes you will see a green ‘ready to redeem’ button. After hitting the button your redemption instructions will be displayed.

(See example)

Major Prize and Grand Prize Draw:

These are the big prizes to be won. To go into the draw to win them, you’ll need to first collect a nominated amount of footys. The more you collect, the bigger the prize to be won.

Major Prizes sit below Instant Wins on your Prize Table. Each prize will be ‘locked’ with a red lock badge.

Once the required amount of footys has been collected, you will be automatically entered into the draw to win.

(See example)

Where to Find Footys?

Visit the Map to see all of the hidden footys.

Each footy icon on the map will detail specific instructions to help you locate the footy.

Need more assistance?

If you have questions about the competition, you may find answers on our FAQ page.